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West Sikkim Tourism
West Sikkim, a very popular tourist destination for the lovers of Mount Kanchenjunga, offers a spectacular view of this majestic mountain. Sharing the international boundary with Nepal, the Region of the west Sikkim is not only famous for the mesmerizing nature’s view but also for the religious activities. The west region of the Sikkim is the home to a few of the oldest Monasteries of the Buddhism faith in the world. The ancient religious importance of the place and the enchanting view of the landscape make this beautiful land a must visit place for the nature lover tourists and spiritual seekers.
The outstanding view of the southeastern side of the Mt. Kangchenjunga is what attracting tourists from various corner of the world to this place. The beautiful natural surroundings with the peaceful and tranquil ambiance are very hypnotizing and refreshing to the mind, body and soul. The oldest monasteries like the Sangachoeling Monasteries and the Pemayansgtse Monasteries are the prime religious places which attract Buddhism followers and other religious followers alike for the immense mental peace. The dense forest and a holy Kchehepalri Lake in between are also the great attractions in the West Sikkim for the tourists and devotees.

Also, the west Sikkim has some pretty popular trekking trails for the adventure-seeking travelers. The Goecha La trek is one of the top treks of the Sikkim state as well as the Barsey Rhododendron Trek and Dzongri Trek are also famous among trekking enthusiasts. The beautiful scenery of pristine mountains and dense array of the varieties of Rhododendron along the trekking route which makes the view enchanting while trekking at such a high altitude in the West Sikkim. You will come across the picturesque view of the Talung Glacier while on the Kasturi Trek which also covers the Goecha La.

Here are the few of the prominent tourist destinations in the west Sikkim:
Emerging as the best tourism destination in the Sikkim, the Pelling offers you the breathtaking views of Mt. Kanchenjunga and the other adjacent mountain ranges. The beautiful natural locations of the Pelling are the big attractions for the nature-loving tourists. The tourist spots in the Pelling are easily accessible through the array of well-maintained roads. The town of Pelling is around 125 km from the capital city of Gangtok and around 133 km from the Siliguri, a famous city in West Bengal. Situated at the altitude of around 6800 ft, the Pelling is a perfect gateway for the nature trek with the amazing sight of the numerous waterfalls, quaint villages, pleasing environment, and the good trek routes. Due to the historical importance and rich cultural and traditional values, the Pelling is the most sought-after destination by the tourists with similar interests. Apart from the Khangchendzonga, the town has beautiful mountain peaks such as Koktang, Kabru, Kumbhakarna, Rathong, Dom, Pandim, Jopuno, Simvo, Narsing, Sinoulchu and others. The Pemayangste monastery is around 1 km from the town and the Sanga Choling Monastery is around 40 min further trek, which is one of the oldest monasteries in Sikkim. There are better facilities for tourists in the Pelling than the other destinations in the west Sikkim like the excellent Hotels, Lodges, Restaurants and easy conveyance.

One of the oldest cities of the Sikkim, the Yuksam was the first capital of the Sikkim kingdom established by the first Chogyal, Phuntsog Namgyal in 1642 AD. The city has witnessed the old history of the Sikkim and the beginning of the monarch in the state. The Yuksam is considered as the sacred place by the people of Sikkim due to its historical and religious values. The city is connected with the Pemayangtse, located at the 40 km distance, through an all-weather road. Yuksam also acts as the base camp for the famous treks of Sikkim, the Mount Khang – Chen – Dzonga trek and the Dzongri trek. Spending few days in the peaceful environment and the picturesque landscape of Yuksam has the very refreshing and healing effect on the mind and body. Visit here if you are seeking a tranquil destination in amidst the pristine mountain, lush greenery and old villages and religious places.

Gyalshing, headquarter of the West Sikkim district, is the famous tourist destination in the west region of the Sikkim. Gyalshing means ‘the King’s Garden’ is said to be the Royal garden of the Palace at Rabdentse during the monarchical rule in the Sikkim. Now, this town is a famous tourist place in itself and also acts as a transit point for the various tourist destinations in the Sikkim. The Mendang, a Holy Wall is the longest wall constructed by the Chogyal Chador Namgyal, the third king of the Sikkim is considered as the holiest place in Sikkim. It is situated on the opposite of the Gyalshing bazaar. Also, the Rabdentse and the Pemayangste, one of the premier Monasteries of Sikkim, is located nearby the Gyalshing bazaar. Located around 10 km from the Pelling, the Gyalshing bazaar is the oldest market of Sikkim which is established around 100 years ago by the Pemayangtyse Monastery for the convenience of the shopping for the monks and the village people. Earlier, a small market, now it is a big market, having all kinds of shops, community hall, post office, banks, restaurants, police station, hotels and lodges, internet cafes, library, taxi stand, football ground, etc.

Pemayangste Monastery:
One of the oldest Monasteries of the Sikkim state, the Pemayangste Monastery is established by Lhatsun Chempo. He was considered as one of the most honored Lamas who executed the consecration ceremony of the first Chogyal of the Sikkim. Considered as one of the premier Monasteries in the state, this ancient monastery belongs to the Nyingma Sect of the Buddhism and was entitled to perform all the religious functions of the then monarch. The Monastery is situated at an altitude of 6300 ft on the top of a hill offering a spectacular panoramic view of the beautiful and pristine surroundings.

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